Projects and Soundscapes!

Here you'll find some of the projects I have created, from soundscapes to full videos! I use a combination of Logic Pro X, iMovie, Adobe Audition and ProTools! 

Project 1. Paradise in Metropolitan

This is a short film I created to draw attention to the natural sounds you can hear even in a city! During 2020 in the nationwide lockdowns caused by Covid-19, I was stuck inside and only went on short walks! All of the sounds and video here were recorded and filmed by me just a short distance from my flat!

I wanted to bring about the idea that even amongst all the city noise, traffic and planes, there is always nature nearby. We have to look after it. We are nature. 

This project was recorded, mixed and mastered by myself - it has helped me grow into realising my dream of being a sound recordist. It has also helped me expand on my videography. 

Project 2. Green Revolution

This video is the music video for 'Green Revolution' - the first single on my debut album 'This is NOW!'. You can hear some bird and forest noises at the end of the track. The whole track was recorded and produced by myself, and the painting was also done by me! This is one of the more uplifting tracks on the album, if you want to hear my progress, head over to the music tab above which will take you to my music website!

This project taught me many valuable skills that have gone on to help with the rest of my debut album, which will be released this summer!

A Green Off the CityJamie Holmes
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Project 3. A Green Off the City

This song is an ambient track with soundscapes and voiceovers to create a piece that reflects the urgency of the climate crisis, as well as highlighting the issues surrounding capitalism and environmental care. The whole thing was recorded, mixed and produced by myself. 

This track is another that has helped me expand on recording techniques and mixing to ensure a 'natural' sound to the animals. Chris Watson was of particular importance and inspiration to creating this track. 

Project 4. Is This It? - The White Noise

This is a song that I have mixed and mastered for the band 'The White Noise' that I drum for. Based on a cover by the Stokes, this song has been one of many lockdown releases that we have completed. Check out other tracks like 'Icarus'. 

Working and collaborating with other artists has been a great way for me to practise and hone my skills at mixing and mastering. If you want to work with me, get in touch - either email or visit my social media accounts.